Why Engagement International

  • A financially integrated approach: We support clients to act as active owners and responsible investors, to create long-term financial value and licence to operate from stakeholders and the general public.
  • A holistic and materiality-based engagement: In addition to engagement on specific ESG themes and violations of international norms, we focus proactively on improving portfolio companies’ management of their most material ESG risks and opportunities.
  • An effective engagement process: We create visible engagement results obtained through bi-annual meetings with selected portfolio companies, possible escalation actions and a milestone system that measures the obtained improvements in ESG Management.
  • A collaborative approach: We engage on behalf of all our investor clients to leverage their influence on companies they are investing in.
  • A flexible set-up: Our investor clients selects the companies they want us to engage with, based on screenings and ratings from their preferred ESG research providers.
  • Independence: We ensure a high degree of independence by our ownership structure, stringent internal procedures and absence of own research and investment management activities.
Why Engagement International?