Our People

Engagement International’s team has an international and interdisciplinary background with extensive experience in responsible investment, ESG assessment and engagement, corporate sustainability, media and communications.


Erik Alhoej

+45 8174 0083

Erik Alhoej, CEO and founder:
Erik holds a master’s degree in business and economics from the University of Aarhus. In the first part of his career, he worked as a teacher in economics and as a business journalist and editor for several leading Danish media, the latest the House of Monday Morning. At the same time Erik was co-author of five books and other publications about economic and business issues. In 2001, he shifted to the industry of responsible investment as CEO of GES Investment Services Denmark. After thirteen years in this position, he founded Engagement International in 2014. Erik has an extensive experience in company evaluation based on financial and non-financial methods. He has been one of the pioneers of responsible investment in Denmark. From several hundreds face-to-face engagement meetings with listed companies all over the world, he has solid experience in collaborative engagement and active ownership. Until 2016, Erik was a board member of Dansif and CSR Forum for several years.


Christian Honoré

Christian Honoré, Associate and Chairman of the Board:
Christian has 20+ years of experience of corporate sustainability, working as CSR manager and senior advisor primarily for large multinationals. He was, among other things, the sustainability and climate change partner for KPMG in Denmark and one of the founding partners that built and developed a new KPMG in Denmark in 2014. The last 5 years, Christian has increasingly focused on impact investment and impact business models, having started several impact start-ups himself. He is the Co-founder of Baxters Investment Group and founder of Goodwings. He has board experience from CSR Fonden and Green Network and has served as an advisor to the Danish Government, developing a new guideline for responsible investments for institutional investors. In sum, Christian has profound understanding of strategic management in international and consultancy start-up companies; analytical thinking and strong strategic understanding; as well as solid experience with management of stakeholder relations and investor relations.


Keld Holm

+45 2043 6358

Keld Holm, Associate partner and member of the Board:
Keld is M.Sc. (Econ) from the University of Copenhagen. He brings substantial investment expertise to EI based on his 20+ years career in the investment industry working in various positions as Head of Research, Head of Asset Allocation & Risk Management and Chief Investment Officer at some of Denmark’s largest asset managers, a.o. Danske Capital and Nykredit Asset Management. He was deeply involved in establishing Nykredit’s first company-wide ESG policies and framework. In 2009, he became the first CEO of The Danish Finance Society and CFA Society Denmark. During the following eight years he substantially developed the societies’ offerings and relationship to the members and stakeholders building on his widespread domestic and international network. He has been instrumental in the inclusion of the first ESG statistics and key ratios in “Recommendations & Key Ratios”, which has been the societies’ guidelines for corporate reporting and company analysis for more than 40 years. After eight years at the societies, Keld decided to resign from his position to apply his finance and investment expertise within areas as business and project development, non-executive board positions and ESG. He is the chairman of Kapitalforeningen Investering & Tryghed.


Kim Skjoldborg

Kim Skjoldborg, Associate and member of the Board
Kim holds a master’s degree on finance and accounting from Copenhagen Business School. He started his career as Financial Analyst and Chief of Research at The House of Monday Morning and later at Børsens Nyhedsmagasin. His strong strategic skills lead him to a position as Chief of Sales at Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin and the daily newspaper Urban. The last 12 years Kim has been working for the digital development company Dwarf in different positions. He started as Head of Business Development and advanced to the very top as CEO. After having this position for six years, Kim decided to return to the less administrative position as Head of Business Development that he holds now. Kim brings not at least substantial knowledge and experience to the company in the areas of business strategy, marketing, sales and digitalization.


Claus Frier

+45 7195 7030

Claus Frier, Associate:
Claus holds a master’s degree in natural science and has substantial experience in both public and private businesses. He served several years as a civil servant dealing with the administration of international and national environmental law. After making a shift in his career he obtained in depth experience from dealing with sustainability management in a corporate context, working for Novo, Novozymes and Cowi. In its early stages he has been active in the development of environmental, social, and economic performance monitoring and reporting in leading business organisations/networks such as World Business Council for Sustainable Development, AccountAbility, and UN Global Compact. For almost a decade he was responsible for sustainability reporting in Novozymes and had a key role in making it the first company to publish an integrated annual report in 2002. Accordingly, he was responsible for communicating sustainability performance to investors – not least via a number of indices such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. A common thread in his career has been establishing and maintaining strong formal and informal relationships to stakeholders around sustainability.


Marta Gorska

+48 796 885 092

Marta Gorska, Senior Engagement Manager:
Marta holds a master’s degree in political science. She has played a role in shaping a responsible and sustainable landscape since 2007 as a senior research analyst and product manager at GES, an active participant in the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board industry working groups, and an independent expert of the European Commission and Polish Institute for Human Rights and Business. In 2016, Marta joined Engagement International. She has experience in developing engagement strategies in relation to ESG risk and opportunities in investment portfolio as well as conducting engagement dialogues with executives within multiple industries, including extractives, energy, IT, communication, and finance. Marta has broad expertise in guiding companies towards strategic alignment of sustainability priorities based on value creation and ESG risk management, including policy design, materiality analysis, risk assessment, performance, monitoring and reporting.

Kei Yau Sin

+1 407 543 7123

Kei Yau Sin, Senior Engagement Manager:
Kei Yau holds a master’s degree in environmental sciences, policy and management from Lund University, Sweden and a bachelor’s degree in social-cultural anthropology from the University of Toronto, Canada. She has over 7 years of combined experience in responsible investment, sustainability reporting and corporate communications,working at various listed companies and independent consultancies in Hong Kong and Denmark. Her latest position was senior ESG analyst at Danske Capital before re-joining Engagement International in 2019. Building on her previous background, Kei Yau specialises in developing engagement strategy and operationalising that to support institutional investors’ long-term value creation in the ever-changing ESG landscape. A holder of the Investment Management Certificate by the CFA Institute, UK, Kei Yau speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin, and has basic knowledge in Danish. She is currently based in Orlando, Florida.


Anna Irmisch

+45 8174 0083

Anna Irmisch, Engagement Manager:
Dr. Anna Irmisch obtained her PhD for analysing the influence of sustainable investing on multinational corporations’ political interest representation and reporting. Having studied in Germany, Denmark and the USA, the Fulbright alumna holds university degrees in political science, sociology, media science as well as intercultural business communication. Anna is currently based in Brussels, Belgium, where she advocated on behalf of ShareAction for European sustainable finance policy before joining Engagement International’s team in 2019. Prior to that, Anna worked in international development on innovation, as a strategy consultant in the software industry, and sociologist on environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings. Her professional expertise with companies, non-profits and in academia includes research, strategic advice, public policy, international project management and stakeholder engagement. The published author serves as invited peer reviewer for the journal Business Ethics, reads the CFA, and is fluent in English and German with a working knowledge of Danish and French.

Piotr Nieporowski

Piotr Nieporowski

+48 605 980 165

Piotr Nieporowski, Back Office Manager:
Piotr holds a master’s degree in sociology majoring in data analysis. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate preparing dissertation on Corporate Social Responsibility condition in Lubusz Voivodeship (Poland). Piotr completed The Cross-National Studies Interdisciplinary Research and Training Program organised by the Ohio State University and Polish Academy of Sciences. In 2014, he was recognised as one of the most active and involved CSR Ambassador in Poland throughout the tenth edition of Responsible Business League programme. In the same year, Piotr joined the CSR Profit Foundation, where he currently holds the position of Board Member and Project Coordinator. He organised and conducted several courses, workshops and trainings on Corporate Social Responsibility and business/NGO partnerships for university students and NGO members. In 2016, he joined Engagement International. Piotr has an experience in designing, coordinating and participating in nationwide and international research projects. He is the author of several scientific articles and conference speeches regarding employee relations and corporate ethics.

Ana Martinez Guillén

Ana Martinez Guillén

+45 7141 7037

Ana Martinez Guillén, Engagement Analyst
Ana holds a licentiate degree in communication from Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina. She is currently studying a master program in Business and Development Studies with a minor in Sustainable Business at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Her area of studies is focused in sustainability and development in emerging markets. She has over 5 years of experience in marketing, corporate communications, business strategy and digital transformation, working for Microsoft in Latin America. In sum, Ana brings vast experience in planning and project management, driving engagement with tech partners and providing reports and insights for different stakeholders. In 2019 she joined Engagement International working from the company’s main office in Copenhagen, Denmark.